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Readers are urged to help these vets seeking claim substantiation statements. Respond directly to the person listed at the end of the claim assistance request. This service is provided for VFW members who are in the process of filing a VA claim.

To submit your form for substantiation request, click here to submit the form online.

Or write us at:
VFW Magazine
Attn: Claims
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Kansas City, MO 64111

If you need assistance in preparing a claim, contact your local VFW Service Officer located at VA medical centers and regional offices. See National Veterans Services for complete listing.

April Issue Claims



Inshore Undersea Warfare Group 1, Barbers Point Naval Air Station, Hawaii, 1967—Seeking anyone who remembers my knee injury that occurred while traversing a mud pit during dive training, or my treatment at Tripler Army Hospital—Carl Michel, (812) 779-7822
Naval Support Activity, DaNang, Vietnam, May 1967—Seeking anyone who remembers me being wounded by shrapnel in an attack on base—Carl Michel, (812) 779-7822
USS Rigel AF-58, June 19, 1964-Feb. 6, 1965—Seeking the crew member that can substantiate that we both suffered from lead poisoning due to welding fumes—Benjamin Wilmoth, (209) 745-1845, Merrilyn@softcom.net
USS America CU-A66, 1968—Seeking anyone who served with me who can substantiate duties I was assigned to. Specifically seeking Radar 3 Second Class Petty Officer E. Ashworth to help with my medical claim for cancer—R. Cisney, (717) 586-5634, chalbobalou@aol.com