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November/December Issue Reunions

Air Force

667th, 932nd, 933rd, and 934th Radar Sqdns.: William Chick (803) 422-9486, littlechick@msn.com


11th PFDR Co., 1st Cav Div. (AM): Rob Wolaver (765) 490-9094, r.wolaver@yahoo.com
50th Signal Bn.: Richard Downey (480) 423-9414
57th AHC: Jim McKenzie (817) 821-4070, jimnikkimck@embarqmail.com
8th Inf. Div.: David Flores (909) 973-9967, aps56march@yahoo.com
95th Evacuation Hospital, Vietnam: Terry Caskey (828) 464-2610, mickthec@charter.net
C Co., 2nd Bn., 12th Cav, July 1965-Dec. 1966: Ben Tuggle (706) 614-0895, bentuggle@windstream.net


Site One Holy Loch, Scotland: Roland Kittredge (508) 877-2960, rk01701@yahoo.com
USS Buck DD-761: Joe Wagy (209) 765-5575, jmwagy@volcano.net
USS Conserver ARS-39: Kevin Weaver (610) 780-5484, kdwrdc@yahoo.com
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and USS Midway, all squadrons and shipmates: Al Wedemeyer (859) 689-7001,
USS Leonard F. Mason: Ron Harsh (502) 758-1015, harsh3741rj@aol.com
USS/USCG Edisto AG-89/AGB-2/WAGB-284: Glenn D. Smith (321) 269-5637, ussedisto@cfl.rr.com
Vietnam-Era Seabees: Bruce MacDougall (804) 921-4753, seabeemacd40@verizon.net


Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans: D.K. Duggar (501) 241-1943


USS Escape ARS-6: Richard Gagnon (603) 966-7048, gagnonpop@yahoo.com