Cynthia Jones

I joined to serve my country and keep my family and friends safe from foreign threats. Also, to achieve a college degree.Cynthia Jones

My first duty station out of boot camp was the Ceremonial Guard in Washington D.C. I am the first female to carry the ensign and be allowed on the White House lawn with a rifle under the Carter administration, performed summer ceremonies at Naval Yard, and at the National Cemetery.

I was stationed at the Pentagon and served by briefing the CNO. I have been stationed at FICPAC, Pearl Harbor Subbase, IPAC, and obtained a Fine Art Associate Degree from Gavlin Community College. I could not advance in pay grade so I switched careers and became a Paralegal/Court Reporter (Legalman) by attending JAG School. I was stationed back in Washington, D.C., at Naval Investigative Service and the Naval Legal Service Office in Naples, Italy, where I traveled with the judge holding court during Desert Shield/Storm. I retired from the U.S. Navy from COMDESRON 4 in Charleston, S.C., when they closed the base and obtained a paralegal certificate from Anne Arrundle Community College. My Naval service taught me to stand up for justice and respect.

My greatest success as a woman veteran was to fight for freedom and [the] choice of how I served. My advice for women considering joining the military is that women are not second-class citizens and we have fought to serve our country in all capacities and career fields. We are empowered to fight for our freedoms and keep our family and country safe from tyranny.

I now serve my fellow veterans by joining VFW and filling in wherever I am needed. Whether at the Post, District or Department level. As a VAVS Department representative I volunteer at the Medical Center and see first hand the struggles of my fellow veterans. They gave so much for our country it is an honor to serve them and my community.

Cynthia Jones
LN1, USN Retired


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