Pre-Discharge Locations and Contacts

As you get ready to separate or retire from the military, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to prepare for your future. If you’re within 180 days of discharge, the VFW can help.

VFW Pre-Discharge representatives guide military personnel through the VA claims process and can assist with the preparation and submission of forms and evidence to VA prior to separation from active duty. They can also answer questions about VA benefits and entitlements. Don't fall victim to "claim sharks" - companies that illegally represent veterans through the VA claims process and can charge thousands for doing so. Our cadre of highly-trained and professional advocates help veterans cut through bureaucratic red tape. The VFW's Pre-Discharge offices helped file nearly 13,500 VA claims for veterans in fiscal year 2022, resulting in more than $64 million in disability compensation. 

Our Pre-Discharge offices are located on or near major military installations across the country. If you are within 180 days of discharge, you can contact a VFW Pre-Discharge representative to get the process underway. Here's an easy checklist of what you should bring to your appointment and more information on what to expect at a compensation and pension exam.


  • Overseas and Other Locations

    National Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives
    Overseas and stateside locations without a VFW Accredited Representative

    Phone: 202.543.2239


  • California

    Camp Pendleton, CA 
    Donna Foy, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    TRS Bldg 1101, Rm.7
    Vandegrift Blvd
    Camp Pendleton, CA  92055 - 5020 

    Phone: 760.405.4345

    San Diego, CA
    National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Naval Base San Diego
    3115 Dolphin Alley
    Bldg. 270, Room 213
    San Diego, CA  92136

    Phone: 619.797.7809


  • Colorado

    Fort Carson, CO
    Denise Southall, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    1626 O’Connell Blvd, Bldg. 813, 3rd Floor
    Fort Carson, CO  80913

    Phone: 719.650.4821




  • Hawaii

    Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam
    Charles Tibbetts, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Hangar 2 Rm 228
    Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI 96850

    Phone: 808.445.3969

  • Georgia

    Fort Stewart, GA
    Michael Churchill, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    1145 Niles Avenue
    Bldg. 4973, Rm. 120
    Ft. Stewart, GA  31314

    Phone: 912.435.9805

    Cell Phone: 912.492.8050

    Email: or

  • Kansas

    Fort Riley, KS
    Brian Coleman, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Building #212 Custer Avenue
    Room 204
    Ft. Riley, KS  66442

    Phone: 785.239.3901

    Cell Phone: 785.249.1742

    Email: or

  • Kentucky

    Fort Campbell, KY
    John Biemesderfer, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    5663 Screaming Eagle Blvd, Room 114
    Fort Campbell, KY  42223

    Phone: 931.431.3155

    Cell Phone: 931.572.8156

    Email: or

  • Maryland

    Joint Base Andrews

    Sonia Coley, National Pre-Discharge Claims Consultant

    1602 Brookley Ave F Wing

    Joint Base Andrews, MD 20672


    Phone: 202.256.4272





    Sonia Coley, National Pre-Discharge Claims Consultant

    118 Brookley Ave., Bldg. 13

    JB Anacostia-Bolling

    Washington, DC  20032


    Phone: 202.256.4272




    Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

    Sonia Coley, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative

    Military and Family Support Center

    9045 Beale Rd

    Bldg. 11, Room 200

    Bethesda, MD 20889


    Phone: 202.256.4272




    National Capital Region (Ft. Meade, Annapolis, Navy Yard)

    Miranda Drummond, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives

    200 Maryland Ave, NE

    Washington, DC 20002


    Phone: 202.961.4662


  • Nevada

    Nellis Air Force Base, NV
    Rick Boring, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    4775 England Ave
    Bldg. 20, Room 312
    (Pass & ID Bldg)
    Nellis AFB, NV 89191

    Phone: 702.643.1161

    Cell Phone: 702.236.0455

    Email: or

  • New York

    Fort Drum, NY
    Nancy Ortiz, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    10720 Mount Belvedere Blvd
    Clark Hall, Room B2-18
    Fort Drum, NY  13602

    Phone: 315.772.4337
    Cell Phone: 315.399.8871

  • North Carolina

    Camp Lejeune, NC
    Dustin Wyatt, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Building 316, “G” Street
    Camp Lejeune, NC  28547

    Phone: 910.465.1314


    Fort Liberty, NC (formerly Fort Bragg)
    Rick Jones, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Bldg. 4-2843
    Normandy Drive
    Fort Liberty, NC  28307

    Phone: 910.990.0048
    Email: or

  • Puerto Rico

    Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
    Tara Fajardo-Arteaga, National Service Officer
    San Juan VA Regional Office
    #50 Carr 165
    Guanynabo, Puerto Rico 00968

    Phone: 787.425.5192
    Cell Phone: 816.500.8662

  • Texas

    Fort Bliss, TX
    Michael McPherson, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Building 503 Pershing Road Rm 302
    Fort Bliss, TX 79916

    Phone: 915.205.8082



    Fort Cavazos, TX (formerly Fort Hood)
    om Parker, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Building 36000, Shoemaker Center
    36000 Shoemaker Lane, Room 0417B
    Ft. Cavazos, TX  76544

    Phone: 254.288.2181

    Cell Phone: 254.319.4901
    Email: or

  • Virginia

    Fort Belvoir
    Cody Mangold, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    9625 Belvoir Road
    Barden Education Center
    Bldg. 1017
    Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

    Phone: 202.480.0662



    Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
    Devon St. Louis, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    232 McNair Rd, (SFL-TAP)
    Joint Base Myer, VA  22211

    Phone: 202.480.0077

    Naval Station Norfolk 

    National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative

    Naval Station Norfolk

    1626 Morris Street

    Third Floor (Bldg. J-50), Room 315

    Norfolk, VA  23531


    Phone: 757.319.1940




    Marine Corps Base Quantico
    Cody Mangold, National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative

    3025 John Quick Road

    Quantico, VA 22314


    Phone: 202.480.0662


  • Washington

    Joint Base Lewis-McChord
    National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative
    Waller Hall – VFW Room 700
    2140 Ligget Ave
    JB Lewis - McChord, WA 98433

    Phone: 253.966.1279

    Cell Phone:  253.569.2790