VFW Action Alert: Last Chance for Congress to Support Veterans this Year

Our veterans cannot afford to wait any longer for these benefits

The Senate must pass this critically needed legislation before the end of the 117th Congress. The House has done its part, and now the Senate must finish the job.

H.R. 1361, the Advancing Uniform Transportation Opportunities for Veterans Act, also known as the AUTO for Veterans Act, would ease the financial burden of the most severely disabled veterans.

VFW Issues an Action AlertH.R. 1836, the Guard and Reserve GI Bill Parity Act of 2021, is a long overdue resolution to the countless members of the Guard and Reserve who serve on active duty orders for periods of time shorter than the ninety-day requirement to receive GI Bill eligibility.

H.R. 6411, the Support The Resiliency of Our Nation's Great Veterans Act of 2022, or the STRONG Veterans Act of 2022, would authorize pilot programs, expanded mental health care, studies and research, outreach to veterans regarding mental health resources, and update training provided by VA for their workforce and Veterans Crisis Line staff.

S. 2513, the Brian Neuman Department of Veterans Affairs Clothing Allowance Improvement Act of 2021, would allow for the commonsense renewal of this allowance, easing the administrative burden on both VA and veterans in need.

The VFW urges the Senate to finish the job on veterans legislation this year. Our veterans cannot afford to wait any longer for these benefits.

Take Action

Contact your senators today and tell them to pass H.R. 1361 / H.R. 1836 / H.R. 6411 / S. 2513.